Who are We?

DTO is a working unit under the Ministry of Health (MOH) of the Republic of Indonesia. The office was set up in March 2021 through Keputusan Menteri Kesehatan RI nomor HK.01.07/MENKES/3605/2021.

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What is our mission?

To transform healthcare in indonesia through data and technology, we have three priority missions

Electronic Medical Records

We want to enable electronic medical records (EMR) to be accessible for every individual and across healthcare facilities in Indonesia (by user’s consent).

Simplification of Health Service Applications

We want to simplify systems for health workers to make them more focus on saving lives rather than administrative matters.

Regulatory Support for the Health Innovation Ecosystem

We want to propel policy innovation to strengthen the health-tech ecosystem.

Blueprint of Digital Health Transformation Strategy 2024

Blueprint of Digital Health Transformation Strategy 2024 is here to answer problems, potentials, and challenges Indonesia's digital transformation so as to provide solutions that comprehensive, implementable, and measurable in development sustainable health services.

Download Our Book
Download Our Book

What do we do?

Based on the spirit of realizing a Healthy Indonesia collaboratively with the entire ecosystem of health industry players, DTO has developed two main platforms, namely the Indonesia Health Services (IHS) Platform and the CitizenHealth App (PeduliLindungi).

Indonesia Health Services

Indonesia Health Services (IHS) platform provides data connectivity, analysis, and services to support and integrate various health applications in Indonesia.

Peduli Lindungi

PeduliLindungi is the DTO’s flagship product with more than 93mio registered users and 8mio daily active users.

Indonesia’s Health Tech Ecosystem

The Ministry of Health has 3 priorities to support health tech transformation in Indonesia, one of them is development of health tech ecosystem. The expected outcome is to create collaboration and digital health Innovation ecosystem between government, industries, university, and citizen. There are 3 programs to implement the priority.

Expansion Of Telemedicine Technology

Development Of Health Tech Product Innovation Ecosystem

Health Biotech Research Integration

Where to apply?

Take part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform healthcare delivery in Indonesia!

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