Entering Indonesia will need no eHAC and Get Temporary Green Status for 30 days

Apr 24, 2022


Jakarta, 23 April 2022 - With the issuance of Circular Letter of The National Task Force for Covid-19 No. 17 of 2022, the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) of the Indonesian Ministry of Health has made adjustments and simplification of the checking requirements process for International Travelers (PPLN) who travels to Indonesia.

“Effective per 5 April 5, 2022, the mandatory to fill out the International eHAC at PeduliLindungi is no longer needed, both for Indonesian and foreign citizen who wants to travel to Indonesia,” said the Chief of Digital Transformation Office (DTO) of the Indonesian Ministry of Health Setiaji, Saturday (23/4).

As a replacement, Setiaji explained, PPLN can download and complete their profile at PeduliLindungi before arriving in Indonesia. Furthermore, PPLN can show the QR code on the profile menu to the airport's health officer upon arrival in Indonesia.

“After that, PPLN needs to show the required proof of health documents to the officers. The document consists of vaccination certificates, a negative RT-PCR result within 2x24 hours, and proof of health insurance which covers COVID-19 (applied for foreigners only),” explained Setiaji.

Travelers who enter Indonesia will get temporary green status for 30 days in PeduliLindungi although they have not claimed or verified their vaccination certificate digitally yet.

“During these 30 days, PPLNs are allowed to claim or verify VNI certificates through the website vaksinln.dto.kemkes.go.id if they want to get permanent green status,” Setiaji said.

However, in Indonesia, PPLN is still required to obey the regulations that apply in the country. This includes the obligation to fulfill the requirements and fill in the domestic eHAC in the PeduliLindungi application when traveling from one region to another.

At the end of his explanation, Setiaji also hoped that the adjustment of these conditions could facilitate the PPLN arrival process. Especially for Indonesian citizens who want to celebrate the moment of Eid with their families in their homeland, “of course, they need to adhere to the health protocols and get their primary vaccinations completed.”

How to Complete a PeduliLindungi Profile for International Travelers (PPLN). The following are the quick guide to complete the PeduliLindungi profile for PPLN before visiting Indonesia:

  1. Make sure you meet the requirements to entry Indonesia, including:
  1. Fully vaccinated at least 14 days before departure,
  2. RT-PCR test within a maximum period of 2x24 hours before departure,
  3. Have health insurance that covers COVID-19 (for foreigners only)
  1. Download and register yourself on the PeduliLindungi application or the pedulilindungi.id website,
  2. Access the account menu in the top left corner or the 'my account' menu in the top right corner of the website,
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit your profile, or 'update profile' on the website,
  4. Complete the fields according to your data and click 'Save'.

Upon arrival at the Indonesian airport, show the QR code in the PeduliLindungi application to the airport' health officer by accessing the profile menu in the top left corner and then clicking the “Show QR Code” button, or access the pedulilindungi.id website on the browser and select the “My Account” menu.

If you want to stay in Indonesia for more than 30 days, PPLN who were vaccinated abroad can get green status permanently by applying for VNI verification in the following ways:

  1. Visit the website vaksinln.dto.kemkes.go.id,
  2. Login with a registered account,
  3. Click 'Apply Additional Verification Request' to get started,
  4. Personal data will appear according to the previous submission,
  5. Enter only the number of additional doses of foreign vaccine certificates that you want to verify,
  6. Every successful submissions will get an 'Open' status,
  7. The verification process takes 3 to 5 working days,
  8. Application status 'Approved' or 'Rejected' will be notified via email,
  9. If you previously have claimed, an additional dose certificate will appear automatically.

This information is released by the Communications Department of Digital Transformation Office (DTO the Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia. The COVID-19 hotline, PeduliLindungi, and self-isolation telemedicine contact the Indonesian Ministry of Health's WhatsApp at number 0811 10 500 567, email careprotect@kemkes.go.id, Call Center 119 ext. 9.