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With the massive adoption of technology in every aspects of life, digital footprint also piling up consequentially. Medical records is no exception, with thousands of healthcare services going digital - it is essential to centralized this massive pool of data into a single source of truth that would benefit patients, healthcare services, and policy makers.

~400 different internal systems under Ministry of Health

~30+ and growing healthtech startup players in Indonesia

~80% public and private healthcare facilities haven’t gone digital

We are on a mission to ensure one of the biggest data consolidation in Indonesia. Over tens of millions of data will be hosted and protected centrally that will yield swiftness, accuracy and security over the data exchange ecosystem. Additionally, we are also encouraging all healthcare facilities to adopt digitalization through a sophisticated data standards and architecture.

Purposes and Missions

For healthcare facilities

  • To improve healthcare services
  • To avoid malpractice and adverse drug reactions
  • To spend less on paperworks, and more on patients

For citizen

  • To grant visibility toward their own personal health record
  • To grant more accurate and personalized healthcare services
  • To grant more streamlined and swift healthcare

Getting Started For Partners

Currently, our main architecture are buiilt on top of HL7 FHIR resources, learn more about FHIR
Get hands on in integrating your services to our system
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