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Indonesia Health Services (IHS) Platform

Indonesia Health Services (IHS) is a digital health ecosystem platform that will be developed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. IHS provides data connectivity, analysis, and services to support and integrate various healthcare applications in Indonesia.

Primary Care Secondary Care Pharmacy Services Health Resilience Health Financing Health HR Biotechnology Internal Management

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PeduliLindungi - One Healthcare Platform For Society

PeduliLindungi will be developed as an integrated platform that stores complete personal health data for all Indonesian people. Users can access their personal health reports and get personalized recommendations to maintain optimal health. User data protection on PeduliLindungi is also guaranteed by health data security mechanisms and standards.

  • Integrated Health Platform for Society
  • Save complete health data
  • Guaranteed data security

Electronic Personal Health Records Health Promotion Medicaiton Profile Health Insurance Profile Early Alert System Tracing & Testing Telemedicine Service Integration

Blueprint of Digital Health Transformation Strategy 2024